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One in screw diagnosis result

1.2 millimeters for the watchstrap

Materials Stainless steel
Screw shape 1.2 millimeters of pace 0.25
The head shape I am subtracted by the head pear axis
Screw diameter M1 .2
Axle diameter φ around 1.38 millimeters
Axis around 21.5 millimeters in length
Screw around 2 millimeters in length
Use Watchstrap
The watch connection has much minus.
It considerably became the answer by the production to article without being found with the existing article.

2 millimeters of tapping screws

Materials Iron
Screw shape 2 millimeters of pace 0.64 (to 1 inch 40 mountains) thought to be two kinds of tapping (B0)
The head shape 1.3 millimeters of 3.2 millimeters of pan Mitsuya head diameter rustic buntings
2 millimeters of screw diameter
Neck lower 5 millimeters in length
Use I seemed to employ you ‥ ‥ somewhere of game console Game Boy Advance
Not a cross hole, it becomes Mitsuya.
Is the plating hexavalent chromate if I guess from a color?
Unfortunately, there was not the thing which accorded with a head and a screw and length suddenly in us.
The screw part, the item on display were round shape forms (○).
Rice ball shape (△) that it is + not Mitsuya, but the pace has the same with the same tapping screw
2x5 suggested a thing to us in having been stock of this.
It may be the thing which is easy to be found if not particular about Mitsuya.

With 2.5 millimeters of slack inhibitors

Materials Stainless steel
Screw shape Small screw M2 .5 pace 0.45
The head shape 1.25 millimeters of 3.2 millimeters of 32,125+ * pan diameter rustic buntings
Screw diameter M2 .5
Neck lower 5 millimeters in length (the thing of the request was slightly shorter than this)
Use The repair of the key to car or motorcycle or custom
With slack inhibitor
It is like a head diameter small fence, the special article for M2 .5.
There was the thing of screw part 2.5x4 and 3 with our stocks,
The possibility that the dimensions of the head are slightly big, and a head does not finish entering the partner point
Because I met, there was a proposal of the purchase refusal from a customer.

Matsumoto Sangyo of the screw
1380-5, Okahotto, Abiko-shi, Chiba


<< the handling product >>
●Small screw
(millimeters/inch UNC UNF)
●Microscrew miniature screw
●Slack setscrew "nojirokku" 
●The slack prevention processing (adhesive system, application system)
●Tapping screw
●Rivet  ●Pin
Custom screw custom tailoring screw
●Screw for the animal experiment 

●Study use screw

<< the handling materials >>
* Iron 0 stainless steel 0 brass
* Titanium 0 aluminum
* Copper 0 phosphor bronze

I take the factory tour
How do you make the screw?
Of this
How do the materials say?

 Please refer.

TEL 04-7182-4490

It is the verge of the inquiry
Even if it is not the drawing of the screw 
Even a handwritten painting is OK.
If understand an image; the trace

I will blow it up.

Do not have any problem.
FAX 04-7182-2382




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