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About a made-to-order (special order) screw
It is "the screw" of small parts, but even if there is not only one, it may not function and is an important part.
I usually receive the question for "a screw" and an inquiry from public (individual) widely.
As for knowing what kind of way of being used a screw is doing in what kind of place, it is for a hint, reference to our future screw production. In addition, please let me know it on an inquiry to us as it is a beginning of the improvement of the product as far as the customer understands.
Please send it if you do not understand a screw well. I measure in us and am diagnosed (some pay).

Is there such an annoyance?

・I have lost a screw, but there is not a spare…
・A desired screw was not available in a home center (marketing)… ... which was not found
・I want to order only one screw (by small lot), but do not know whether there is a shop receiving…
・I do not know where I should ask…

Production example of the special order screw

The SUS316 hexagon hole M5 screw penetration

Article number undecided
5 millimeters of SUS316 hexagon holes
5 millimeters of screw diameter x P0.8
The penetration
It is a custom product, a special order product.

6-4 titanium + neji 1x1 tip 90 degrees

Article number undecided
6-4 titanium special head - 1x1 tip 90 degrees 
Oval head
1 millimeter of screw diameter 1 millimeter in length (to the tip)
Tip sharpening point 90 degrees
Use animal experiment
The thread has only 1 mountain or 1 mountain and a half.
It is a custom product, a special order product.

SUS stick screw M6x25-M3x8 6 millimeters and 3 millimeters

Article number undecided
SUS stick screw M6x25-M3x8 
It is a stick screw without the head
6 millimeters of screw diameter 25 millimeters in length
3 millimeters of screw diameter 8 millimeters in length
I became the goods for an illustration of simple image.
It is a custom product, a special order product.

-1 millimeter of SUS * Hiller [2006]

Article number undecided
SUS * Hiller [2006] - 1x4 tip 90 degrees cloth
0.6 millimeters of 2.0 millimeters of head diameter rustic buntings
1 millimeter of screw diameter neck lower 4 millimeters in length
I use it for tapping.

1.2 millimeters of SUS shoulder screws

Article number undecided
With slack inhibitor of the SUS shoulder screw M1 .2 adherence type
To the slack inhibitor 
 ・Repetition type (I may take it off)
But, there is it.

Iron tip circle point screw 2.5 millimeters nickel plating

Article number undecided
Iron small screw 2.5 millimeters tip circle point nickel plating
Negative special brain
There is R slightly, a pan shape

3 millimeters of SUS tapping screws

Article number undecided
SUS tapping screw (B0) 3x26 (full length) removal of fat
Hexagon hole special head
The yona shape that Hiller brain is carried on on Sarah head
You wanted the thing which a shape, the dimensions of the partner material were fixed, and fitted in completely.

1 millimeter of SUS hollow pin

Article number undecided (trial manufacture stage)
SUS hollow pin φ1.0x7-0.5x3 removal of fat
1.0 millimeters outside diameter 7.0 millimeters in total length
3.0 millimeters of 0.5 millimeters of middle no money on hand diameters hollow length (depth)
As it is around 0.25 millimeters of wall thickness, there is the part which please is anxious in terms of strength
Please evaluate it to user.
I use it with 0.5 millimeters of rivets mentioned above.

1.5 millimeters of do* Hilary Bet [2311]

Article number TF-00117
do* Hilary Bet [2311] 1.5x3 cloth
1.1 millimeters of 2.3 millimeters of head diameter rustic buntings
1.5 millimeters of axle diameter necks lower 3 millimeters in length
I devote myself and crimp it and use it.

2.3 millimeters of SUS * Sarah [D=3]

Article number undecided
SUS * Sarah [D=3.0] - 2.3x2.3 removal of fat
3.0 millimeters of head diameter 
2.3 millimeters of screw diameter 2.3 millimeters in total length
I measured a sample and analyzed it and produced it

1.4 millimeters of SUS T3 * Hiller [2007]

Article number TF-00115
SUS T3 torque * Hiller [2007] 1.4x4.2
0.7 millimeters of 2 millimeters of head diameter rustic buntings
1.4 millimeters of screw diameter necks lower 4.2 millimeters in length
Lycees T3
With nojirokku

1.3 millimeters of SUS special tapping screws

Article number TF-00109
SUS * tapping square head [1810] 1.3x5
Tip sharpening point 60 degrees
Use animal experiment

0.8 millimeters of SUS * pans [1207]

Article number TE-00021
SUS * pan [1207] - 0.8x5.5 pashipeto
0.7 millimeters of 1.2 millimeters of head diameter rustic buntings
0.8 millimeters of screw diameter necks lower 5.5 millimeters in length

0.5 millimeters of SUS * circle[1506]rivets

Article number undecided
It is a rivet
SUS * circle [1506] 0.5x2.5 removal of fat
1.5 millimeters of head diameter
0.6 millimeters of rustic buntings 
2.5 millimeters of 0.5 millimeters of rivet diameter neck buyers over
I measured a sample and analyzed it and produced it
(I produce it thinner than a sample)
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