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The delivery, production, the suggestion results

I extract the delivery results, the production results, the suggestion results and introduce it.
There is our thing which I cannot produce alone
There is the thing coping by the collaboration with the subcontractor.
I keep the correspondence that I accepted on a budget deadline in mind.

The inquiry 
Telephone 04-7182-4490

Screw (maintenance repair parts) for the watch

Materials SUS316F
Size * Hiller [15045] - 1x1
As watch repair parts
The production of the screw for the watch maintenance.
The item on display measures it in us, the production of the considerable article
I did it.
As it was important to the head appearance, I give buff abrasion,
I showed the glossiness.
The model that the watch is old has difficult parts acquisition
It seems to become and talks with us
I had.
After being diagnosed, a screw was 1 millimeter of small screw.
I suggested it by contents delivered to a budget.

Butterfly nut left screw M10

Materials Iron
Size Butterfly nut left screw M10
Is it ingredients processing machine? A screw is lost of this and will not do it
The left screw is not readily found; in us
I had you talk.
Our company was the thing which was impossible of production
In one of Toiya
There is the handling of the cloth and obtains it.
I attached plating and delivered it.
It was the item which I was able to suggest within a budget.

Replacement parts (screw) of the reel made by Daiwa

Materials SUS
Size Pan 3.5x50
I suggest it as substitute parts of damage parts (screw)
The reel which owner is careful with.
A screw is damaged.
I seemed to talk with a fishing tackle person
In a discontinuance of making model, there is not the parts supply from a maker anymore
I had us talk.
After being diagnosed, a screw was 3.5 millimeters of small screws.
As the equal article production was difficult when I asked about a budget
I suggested it by contents delivered to a budget.

Stainless steel-maru nut M0.5

Materials SUS303
Size M0.5x1.0x outer diameter φ 0.8
Use It is thought that medical care is suitable
Use it with oneji of 0.5 millimeters made in us
I have.
It is a pipe form, but an internal thread is cut among them.
The pace of M0.5 is 0.125 millimeters.

Aluminum pipe type adapter (spacer)

Materials Aluminum
Size The inside diameter φ11.95x outer diameter 14.95x length 37
At the time of the tire exchange of the car chair for the competition
Of this as an adapter
A lot of turns one step of the start
It is with an important competition.
Lightweighting and the turn of the tire being possible instantly
There was consultation that it was important.
It is unknown how is the durability.
You have you use it, and please actually evaluate it.

2 millimeters of beryllium copper Hirako screws

Materials Beryllium copper
Size 2x3 
It was materials designation.
A screw of the beryllium copper is extremely rare.
1.3 millimeters of 3.5 millimeters of head diameter rustic buntings

3 millimeters of beryllium copper potato screws

Materials Beryllium copper
Size 3x2.5 sharpening point
This was materials designation in the same way, too.
A screw of the beryllium copper is extremely rare.

3.5 millimeters of stainless steel A tapping (one kind of tapping)

Materials SUS
Size 3.5x20
Use Animal experiment (medical care, study)
The catalogue of the overseas article was shown, but the thing
That there is not the acquisition route and considerably makes an article; cost
But, hold down cost first to take it
The deadline is ni tayona with an existing article not to take, too
I suggested a thing.
Concerning the thing that the tip is sharp
A tapping (one kind of tapping),
The head is Marsala

Stainless steel-maru nut M1 .2

Materials SUS303
Size M1.2x1.8x outer diameter φ 1.6
Use Body piercing
I have you use it with oneji made in us and go down
It is a pipe form, but an internal thread is cut among them.

Stainless steel Sarah machine screw 6 millimeters size 6x6

Materials Stainless steel
Size Sarah M6 X 6
There are few threads having short length (from 2 mountains as for 2 mountains and a half)
With undercut
Size was too big in the office and was impossible of production
I suggested it with the product of the subcontractor and delivered it.

1.2 millimeters of screws for stainless steel glasses

Materials SUSXM7
Size 1.2x2.4
Use Glasses
A dealer disappearing in Japan, and obtaining a genuine screw with the difficulty
It was a thing.
There are the relations of the budget, too, and put on the brain,
I had you choose this screw (TD-00287).
Head diameter 1.8 rustic bunting 0.5 minus
The large generator is new; the bolt which was strong to melt was with need on developing it. Axial unevenness and axis inadequacy were held down by having raised precision to the maximum and had you please at all with a customer.
It is a product researched and developed for the engines of the plane. Because very high precision and strength were found, there were many severe quality checks, but I cleared all it and was adopted safely.

Matsumoto Sangyo of the screw
1380-5, Okahotto, Abiko-shi, Chiba


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