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Characteristic of the Noji lock screw

Technical characteristic

●I choose it among various material to a use and am possible
The materials of "the Noji lock" can be chosen from various material including titanium and the stainless steel let alone iron.

●High coherency
"The Noji lock" transformed a part of the thread, and effective aperture grew big in comparison with non-deformity by establishing the protrusion on the frank plane and realized the high coherency with the internal thread.

●Complete correspondence to the slack
When an axis power hangs over the screw tightening back, the protrusion of the Frank aspect transforms the Frank aspect of the internal thread and cuts into an internal thread. Because I am transformed so that gills stretch at the same time towards a slack direction, I melt and am opposed to the torque of the direction.

I remove it and can get an equal slack prevention effect even if I use it repeatedly.

Characteristic judging from productivity

●As a trump of the cost cut
Because a screw of the use of bond application and the screw including Class washer are expensive, cost increases. Bond processing is unnecessary, and "the Noji lock" resists the slack, and a large cost cut is realized.

●As a trump of the productivity improvement
As a slack-response screw, a screw including Class washer, a bond processing screw are folded into the errand, but there is a trouble factor to be clogged up in the supply pipe of the automatic conclusion machine as for the screw including a washer group, and, as for the bond application screw, it follows that it being in the factor of the trouble "that it is hard to screw" when I am applied to the screw tip thick, (2) bond itself lower productivity and social nature in the things that are not good for a chemical substance in environment again without being applied in the case of (1) bond processing uniformly. I greatly contribute to improvement of the productivity without being hit by the trouble mentioned above in the case of "Noji lock". In addition, when you have a problem with the falling off of the screw, I prevent it from falling off and am available as a screw for temporarily fastening it repeatedly.

Contribution to productivity improvement and the reduction in cost in the internal thread process

●"The Noji lock" in internal thread affirmation by the application of the strength and weakness of a screw external form and gills
(1) As for the lower hole diameter, there are big merits such as the improvement of the productivity improvement (3) tap life of the (2) tap process that I can increase. Furthermore, I can use it for difficulty cut materials and am available without choosing the partner material.
●The conclusion is enabled without letting a soft pledge sink.
●I temporarily fasten it at any point, and the conveyance to the next process is enabled.
●I show an effect more by stopping playing with it, and using the prevention head together.



I recommend that I have you perform the following test to optimize a slack stopping effect of "the Noji lock".

Why is a test necessary?

The difference by the following conditions is to the internal thread put together to male screw side "Noji lock".
(1) Production method (cutting tap, rolling tap, lower hole)
(2) Board thickness (thick, thin penetration, bag forms) and the number of the effective threads of the used partner material (iron, stainless steel aluminum titanium die-casting)

Therefore which type of "the Noji lock" performs matching of the effect of the slack stopping screw "Noji lock" to your internal thread to come enough or strongly recommends that I have you perform a test because it is necessary to show an effect more, or to ascertain it.

Recommended test procedure

(1) Using "Noji lock" of the middle size CS type, please conclude it by your last clamping torque first.
(2) After having tightened it by the next last torque, it can relax 180 ゜ from 90 ゜.
(3) Please do a test, evaluations such as a vibration examination or the drop test in your company in a state of (2).

If the slack is in condition not to progress, the matching with "Noji lock" and the internal thread is good, and, as a result of above-mentioned test, it is thought that it is the most effective.

On orders such as the case that a sample is not effective or the test trust, I hope that sorry for your inconvenience, but I contact us.

Matsumoto Sangyo of the screw
1380-5, Okahotto, Abiko-shi, Chiba


<< the handling product >>
●Small screw
(millimeters/inch UNC UNF)
●Microscrew miniature screw
●Slack setscrew "nojirokku" 
●The slack prevention processing (adhesive system, application system)
●Tapping screw
●Rivet  ●Pin
Custom screw custom tailoring screw
●Screw for the animal experiment 

●Study use screw

<< the handling materials >>
* Iron 0 stainless steel 0 brass
* Titanium 0 aluminum
* Copper 0 phosphor bronze

I take the factory tour
How do you make the screw?
Of this
How do the materials say?

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