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New technology
Super microscrew
Super-micro screw
Small screw
Camera screw (small screw for # 0 precision instrument)
Self-tapping screw
Slack stopping screw Noji lock
Screw for glasses
To special workmanship (precision rivet)
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Titanium 1.7 millimeters series
I became the series different in 1.7 millimeters of necks lower length made of pure titanium. M1.7x pace 0.35 millimeters neck lower length 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 16 20 Materials pure titanium TW340 2.5 millimeters of head shape pan head head diameter head high 0.5 millimeters cross hole size zeroth

Matsumoto Sangyo of the screw
1380-5, Okahotto, Abiko-shi, Chiba
TEL. 04-7182-4490
FAX. 04-7182-2382


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●Small screw
●Camera screw
●Slack setscrew "Noji lock"
●Tapping screw
●Screw for glasses
●Special workmanship (precision rivet)


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