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Super microscrew
Super-micro screw
Small screw
Camera screw (small screw for # 0 precision instrument)
Self-tapping screw
Slack stopping screw Noji lock
Screw for glasses
To special workmanship (precision rivet)
Please leave the consultation from small lot
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Super microscrew / miniature screw / very small screw used in medical parts or precision instrument concerned

In Matsumoto Sangyo, a very small screw used for medical allied apparatus, animal experiment is good at screw / miniature screw (very small screw) production, the suggestion that is such a super micro which very small rivets are thin, and is short (as for the sometimes long thing)!
I think that I may help it by the very small screw production technology that I cultivated in the world that is a super micro so far.

I accept the consultation of the person who is looking for a precisely microscrew rivet.

From general one "is such a screw; this * Screw" accepts the nado inquiry.

It is "the screw" of small parts, but even if it does not function even if there is not only one, there is it and is an important part.
I usually receive a question and the inquiry for "a screw" from general one widely.
To production what kind of in the place what kind of a screw future as for knowing whether is used, and do one is useful. In addition, please tell me it on an inquiry to us as it is a beginning of the improvement of the product as far as I know the visitor.
Please send it if you do not understand a screw well. I measure in us and am diagnosed.

A slack prevention screw is a Noji lock screw adhesive system screw

By the most suitable matching effect with the internal thread, I have an evaluation from the tool for glasses industry, game industry, the space aviation industry with the Noji lock with a slack prevention function in a screw simple substance.
Similarly I apply nylon resin to the screw part as slack measures and melt and handle measures and the screw doing it.

There is the delivery of goods example of the hybrid screw which demanded the double lock effect that combined resin adhesive with Noji rock.

Including the point where a point, the vibration that is easy to relax is given to please try it.



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