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New technology
Super microscrew
Super-micro screw
Small screw
Camera screw (small screw for # 0 precision instrument)
Self-tapping screw
Slack stopping screw Noji lock
Screw for glasses
To special workmanship (precision rivet)
Please leave the consultation from small lot
The special order correspondence is possible, too


Matsumoto Sangyo What's New of the TOPICS&NEWS screw




If though there is not STAY HOME screw bolt nut, notice; ...

Is a person of STAY HOME; of measuring up the middle
It is spent in a house, and it is maintained home electric appliances, furniture, the game console and
It is thought whether there are many people made DIY.
A screw is used than I thought, and, in that, a type may come to the to felt in various ways.
I think that the nearest refraining from going for Home Center and a hardware dealer comes.
Please use us by loss and the damage of the screw if you may say that's a problem.

I have bought a new thing again and may be earlier. The errand who is careful with a thing if have some time; to Matsumoto Sangyo of the screw consultation.
I may reproduce with the screw of the substitute even if I do not buy a new article.

If you walk, but do not know what kind of screw it is, please send the screw to us.
I look into it and will suggest what kind of screw it is.

One in screw diagnosis

About a screw bolt nut washer custom production price you are looking for

When it is possible by order with our stocks and standardized goods
I may arrange it for several thousand yen from several hundred yen.
Please let me know the budget.
Please use the net shop for reference.
By a special order (custom) in the case of production
Eyes cheap 20,000 yen ... 
Deadline 2-3 weeks ... 
In the case of dispatch, please consult.

Appropriate to the budget of user make a maximum effort to be able to suggest it.

The slack prevention screw is a nojirokku screw adhesive system screw

By the most suitable matching effect with the internal thread, I have an evaluation from the tool for glasses industry, game industry, the space aviation industry in a screw simple substance in nojirokku with the slack prevention function.
Similarly I apply nylon resin to the screw part as the slack measures and melt and handle measures and the screw doing it.
 Adherence type (I do not take it off)
 Repetition type (I may take it off)

There is the delivery of goods example of the hybrid screw which demanded the double lock effect that combined resin adhesive with nojirokku.

Including the point where a point, the vibration that is easy to relax is given to please try it.

Super microscrew/miniature screw/very small screw to be used in medical parts or precision instrument concerned

Matsumoto Sangyo
 Is small; is thin; is short (as for the thing long adversely)
I produce such a screw and suggest it.
Miniature screw use (example)
・Medical equipment use
・Animal experiment, study use
・Model use

I think that I may help it by the very small screw production technology that I cultivated in the world that is a super micro so far.

I accept the consultation of the person who is looking for a precisely microscrew rivet pin. There are a lot of custom made-to-order production results.

"Is there such a screw?" 

It is "the screw" of small parts, but is only the parts which it is that a product may not function even if there is not one, and are important.
I accept the question for "a screw" and an inquiry from the public (individual).

It serves as a reference for our staff to know what kind of way of being used a screw is doing in what kind of place.
As it is a beginning of the improvement of the product, please let me know it as far as the customer knows it.

Please send it if not sure about a head and the size of the screw. I measure in us and am diagnosed.

Matsumoto Sangyo of the screw
1380-5, Okahotto, Abiko-shi, Chiba


<< the handling product >>
●Small screw
(millimeters/inch UNC UNF)
●Microscrew miniature screw
●Slack setscrew "nojirokku" 
●The slack prevention processing (adhesive system, application system)
●Tapping screw
●Rivet  ●Pin
Custom screw custom tailoring screw
●Screw for the animal experiment 

●Study use screw

<< the handling materials >>
* Iron 0 stainless steel 0 brass
* Titanium 0 aluminum
* Copper 0 phosphor bronze

I take the factory tour
How do you make the screw?
Of this
How do the materials say?

 Please refer.

TEL 04-7182-4490

It is the verge of the inquiry
Even if it is not the drawing of the screw 
Even a handwritten painting is OK.
If understand an image; the trace

I will blow it up.

Do not have any problem.
FAX 04-7182-2382




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